Focus HQ is more than project management. We’ve crafted a toolkit specifically designed to give C-suite executives everything they need to take control of of their portfolios. We do it by focusing on:

C-suite executives are able to track all projects (capex & opex) — the big, the small, the simple, the complex, and the agile.
Stakeholders are presented only the key information to facilitate faster and more proactive decision making.

C-suite executives can mandate and automatically track how teams operate to desired governance framework (process compliance, data integrity, user access control, approval limits and so on).

Project alignment can be mapped to business strategy outcomes and scenario planning
A project is not closed until sign-off of actual business benefits realised.

A single source of truth
With Focus HQ you can get rid of spreadsheets, PowerPoint and extraneous information streams, and implement a controlled single source of truth for project decision making.

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