Advisor Stephen Casey (who has managed budgets of $3.2b), Founder Mark Cooper (who has run large international projects) and Founder Grant Merriel (who has built multiple applications) couldn’t find a project management platform that supported the needs of C-suite executives and the decisions they have to make so they built Focus HQ.

Using the executive principles that drove success at a global fortune 100 company they determined that the three key drivers were simplicity, transparency and consistency. Any platform needed to be simple (so that people would use it), transparent (so that the truth couldn’t be hidden), and consistent (so that every project is tracked in the same place).

The result, Focus HQ is a platform that has been built with a focus on tracking project benefits — the reason organisations embark on projects in the first place.  Focus HQ makes sure that everything is tracked in one platform, which is proven to enhance corporate memory. Importantly, the data in the system is live, which means that both management and staff can enter and interrogate data in real time, which fosters a culture of accountability and facilitates cultural change for delivery success.

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